Elementary & Middle Assessment, & Updates

Elementary & Middle Assessment, & Updates

by Brent Sawatzky -
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Happy spring!    Here are a few WCLN updates:

1. All elementary & middle teachers/admins are asked to share their thoughts on assessment tools/ideas (click for survey).

2. We haven't sent a "New Media for You" out for a while but feel free to visit the LOR (front of the WCLN site) to find dozens of new games, videos, projects...etc.   A special thanks to OSBC for a great new set of SS and English HTML5 media pieces.  All of these new resources will be in the new summer courses.

3.  Please try to work around the updates of as many courses as you can this summer/fall.  Not only are the courses seeing big updates, but we've also gone through the movement of all the media to a new server.   We will be winding down the old server over the next year, so updates over the next year are extra important.