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Summer 2024 Course Releases

by WCLN Developers -
Due to the new LTI, the practice of WCLN listing release dates is no longer required.  All of the courses are good for grabbing at any time (based on teachers being subscribed to their corresponding forums).
All summer edits will either be in the background (LTI) or posted in the discussion forum for teachers to adjust (eg. assignment instructions, submission areas, etc....).
Given that, please note that our summer development plans are:
  • Question databases will be improved and expanded.
  • Additional media (including AI-based) will be built and added to lessons.
  • All math/science LG's will be updated (including keys).
  • New submission options for math/science LG's for Grades 4-9.
  • All inquiry projects will reorganized and updated, along with a bunch of new ones.
  • New requirements for citing (including AI) will be added to courses.
  • New French 10 and Art 9 for September.
  • Socials 9 will see significant updates.
  • We'll catch-up on some feedback suggestions within the forums.
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