Each student's central journey through the SMS will look something like this:


Some extra details about each main step:

Box 1 - Student submits

Students (and/or parents) can register at your program's registration page.
Upon registration, they are "requested" in the SMS. 
Office directs home-OL students to counsellor for interview, while 
grad adults and cross-enrolled are enrolled (with counsellor/VP confirm).

Office trick: adv filter = request + sort by recent

Request email An email is generated upon the successful submission of a registration
form.   The email is customized by your program, but generally confirms 
their application and requests required documentation.
Box 1 - Verify Student Once the office receives required documents, they can ensure the student 
has a MyEd account, then verify them.
Verification automatically creates an LMS account.
enroll email This email (sent from the SMS) confirms that the student is verified and
lets them know that their login information will be coming soon. 
Box 3 - Login Account Triggered As a result of the successful verification, the SMS sends a request to 
the LMS to make a student account and send out the login information.
login email This email is automatically sent from the LMS as a result of building a 
new student account. 
Includes: Username, Password, and site URL.
Box 4 - Student added to courses

Once verified, the can enroll students into specific courses.
It is recommended that this happen soon after the verification, so the
students see courses soon after logging in.

At this time, it's good to add this course in MyEdBC.

For home=OL students, office adds courses per plan.

For cross-enrolled/grad adults, office adds maximum of 2 course (ensuring
that not a duplicate enrollment).

VP/counsellor can check cross-enrolled/grad adults for any issues:
prerequisites, wrong courses, SLP, careers.... 

Student Activation?

If/when a student meets activation criteria, they will need to be activated.
In Moodle, this is done in the SMS.
In D2L, this is done using an IA in the LMS.
If they fail to meet completion criteria, then they are dropped.

Office trick #1: adv filter: status = activation (bottom of list)

Office trick #2: use cloud to keep track of which ones are done in MyEd.

Student Completion?

If/when a student completes a course, they can be completed in the SMS.
If they fail to meet completion criteria, then they are withdrawn.

Office trick: use cloud to keep track of which ones are done in MyEd.

Box 5 - Finalized in MyEd Once the student is completed, withdrawn, or dropped, their status
is changed in the SMS and the office can finalize in MyEd.


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