In case your SF LTI connection doesn't work after following the steps (then double-checking them), here are some ideas:

Errors / Ideas (click idea to jump to details):

  1. Yes to Students?
  2. Domain Confirmation?
  3. No More Teacher Accounts?
  4. Migration Issues?
  5. Unknown Context?
  6. D2L IMS Config?
  7. Students Shown as Numbers?
  8. LTI Suddenly Stops Working?

Idea 1: Yes to Students?

This one isn't really an error, but more of a step that catches a few people.   For each course, you must click on one lesson and say Yes to Students.   Only required once per course.


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Idea 2: Domain Confirmation?

One problem that has caught a few people (particularly with new D2L sites), is the changing of domains.

In these cases, the district was using the original URL to access the site, but the updated MoE domain is being used for LTI registration.

If you see something like this, ensure that you are using the domain shown in the error to access the site.:

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Idea 3: No more Teacher Accounts?

There is an LTI setting for the allowed number of teachers. 

For WCLN, the default is normally set to 200.

If, for some reason, you ended up with too few, give WCLN a yell for an adjustment.

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Idea 4: Migration or Consistency Issues?

If you're finding inconsistency in how LTI works on your site (perhaps a migration error), double-check your deployment settings.

Ensure that the left-hand check-box is checked then you click "Add"


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Idea 5: Unknown Context?

If you see this error appear,

You'll want to go back to instructions and ensure that you didn't miss checking "Org Unit Information."

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Idea 6: D2L IMS Config?

One LTI problem was determined to be untypical set-up in the D2L IMS area.

Go to here:

Then, check accounts.   Here's an example of a fairly typical set-up:

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Idea 7: Students Shown as Numbers?

If your test results show students as User8345 instead of Bill Smith, it's probably a privacy setting.

Go to Tools > Privacy and ensure "Share launchers name" and "Share launchers email" are both set to "always"

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Idea 8: LTI Suddenly Stops Working?

Q1: Have you recently updated your SSL certificate? .

You need to install a chain certificate in order for anything OAuth 2.0 (which LTI is based on) to work. Here is a site that you can use to check their certificate:******your site url***********

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Last modified: Tuesday, 13 February 2024, 10:53 AM