ZOOM RECORDINGWCLN.ca moved to the StudyForge LTI system for the 2023 course releases.   In this session, we'll begin the training on the SF LTI system, and some of the features that allow teachers to customize their courses.

WCLN Courses & SF LTI

Training related to the SF LTI system for WCLN.

Main Presenter:  Richard Bitgood (SF)

SF Reference Area:   https://help.studyforge.net/knowledge


SF (for WCLN) support sessions, as follows:

      • Change Quizzes Demo - Friday, Feb 2 noon  ZOOM RECORDING
      • FAQ & More Features - Friday, Feb 23 noon  ZOOM RECORDING
      • FAQ & More Features - Friday, April 19 noon

Each session will be 30 minutes, with Zoom link sent-out on the day of the session.   Recordings will be made.

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WCLN.ca worked together with The Critical Thinking Consortium to provide you a series of Inquiry Projects that you're FREE to use with your students.   Learn more about these from the developers in this session.

New "Inquiry Projects" - Oct 22, 2021

Featuring Inquiry Projects developed by The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) for the WCLN and the BC curriculum, this session will explore how online and independent learning opportunities can be designed to engage students in meaningful inquiry and development of competencies.

Main Presenter:  Warren Woytuck (TC2)

Grades included: 5-12

Warren's slides: pdf copy of slides for reference


Session Recording

WCLN has a team of primary teachers who have been collecting ideas for their fellow K-3 teachers.

K-3 Teacher Sharing - Feb 12th

We recognize that teachers are facing challenges with the growth and changes in remote and online learning.   Thus, a team was assembled to start collecting fun and engaging remote ideas for these grades.   

Join us for an introduction to these ideas (which you can take for free), and maybe you have some great ideas to share back to your peers.

Main Presenter:  Kelly Tjorhom

K-3 Team:  Kelly Tjorhom, Anne Cairns, Margo Porro, Ashley Bennett, Riley Westbrook, & Rhea Virk

Date: February 12th

Cost: Free session

Time: 9:00-9:45 Zoom Session (PST)

Grades included: K-3

Kelly's slides: pdf copy of slides for reference


Session Recording

Note: Easiest access to the resources by just scrolling down on the front page until you see the big buttons (K, G1, G2, or G3)

Free access to your own WCLN course is available within most BC districts and many in AB, SASK, Yukon, and NWT.

The Pro-D opportunities below are open to Classroom / Blended teachers who wants to explore the possibility of using WCLN resources to support their students in a remote and/or blended situation. If new to WCLN, you may want to see related video.

Remote Teaching #1 - September 1st

If you wish to spend your preparation time focusing on your students' needs and not trying to build online resources, you may wish to take a look at WCLN resources.

Make an account at WCLN.ca (green button in the top-right corner WCLN.ca). It might just give you some remote teaching ideas, or it might lead you to a full-package teaching support system for your classes.

In this virtual session, we will take a closer look at WCLN resources and all of your related options.

Date: September 1st

Cost: Free session

Morning Session: 10:30-11:30 Zoom Session

Afternoon Session (optional): 12:30-2:30 Exploration time with Zoom support

Grades included: 5-12

Registration: completed



If you want your own copy of a WCLN course, you need to contact the Online Ed contact in your district as most districts have their own Moodle (or Canvas or D2L) site for hosting district teachers. In this session, we will outline "Tips and Tricks" for those who have (or plan to have) their own course.

Remote Teaching #2 - September 2nd

This virtual session continues from yesterday's WCLN.ca session for those who now have their own online course(s) for their students.

In this session, we will explore the functional details of your new course(s). How do you add students to your course? How do you mark assignments and quizzes in your course? How does the gradebook work? How to add discussion forums? How to easily communicate with parents through the course? Other tips and tricks for using Moodle and resources.

Note: If you missed yesterday's session but are already familiar with Moodle and WCLN (and have already requested a course), then feel free to join us and see if we can help you by sharing some "tips and tricks."

Date: September 2nd

Cost: Free session

Morning Session: 10:30-11:30 Zoom Session

Afternoon Session (optional): 12:30-2:30 Exploration time with Zoom support

Grades included: 5-12

Registration: completed



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