WIRIS Equation Editor


What is WIRIS?

WIRIS is a top-notch equation editor that makes the development of equations quite easy for both teachers and students.

    1. WCLN uses WIRIS to build questions within math/science courses.  For WCLN members to see these equations, ensure you install the WIRIS Filter, per the instructions in "setting up your site."   This is FREE and doesn't require any licensing.
    2. If you want to enable teachers and/or students to "easily" create equations in Math/Science courses (a great idea), then your district will want a local WIRIS license.  ChemType is also available to build inorganic chemistry formulas.   Note:  Technically, you can demo the tool, in that you can build up to 500 equations.   The challenge is that 500 arrives quickly and it'll abruptly shut down after the 500th equation, which can cause significant confusion for staff/students.   Thus, starting a year in demo mode is not suggested.

WCLN Member Licensing:

Licensing costs are based on the total # of faculty and # of students that need access to the tools.

There's a minimum deployment of 250 students (includes 6 faculty), but beyond that the specific costs depend on the tools included.

The basic cost for the formula editors in the LMS is $0.60 - $1.00 USD; with minimum deployment being at $1 per student.

Pricing page here: http://www.wiris.com/en/store

For any questions about licensing, please contact sales@wiris.com

Last modified: Friday, 22 January 2021, 10:17 AM