2022 Course Release Plan

2022 Course Release Plan

by Brent Sawatzky -
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The table below outlines the WCLN development and schedule goals.

Preparation notes:

  • WCLN courses will be released in both Moodle and D2L this year.
  • To accommodate the shift, we'll release the majority of courses throughout May and June (for July startn/aup).
  • If using D2L, the courses will be available through the D2L instances (details coming).
    • for D2L use, rubrics will need to be manually inserted, as needed.
  • If using Moodle:
    • use Moodle 3.10.2+ (Build: 20210324), or newer
    • See: Tech Support > Site Preparation.
    • If you wish your courses to have the Grid format on your site, ensure you have the grid plugin installed BEFORE restoring the courses.
  • Update courses wherever possible to benefit from updates in assignments, question databases, rubrics, etc....
  • Make sure ALL of your teachers subscribe to the corresponding forums in the "Discussion area" so they keep upn/aton/adate with any fixes updates for their course(s) and join discussions.  It benefits us ALL.

A HUGE thank you to all of your dedicated peers who are working hard to make all this happen for us:  Barb Boonstra, Nick Smith, Kari Daniels, Brittany Carter, Sandy Hoffmann, Clint Surrey, Mike Richardson, Francis Tsen, Rollie Comeau, Darrol Colgur, Jodie Reeder, Ed Seidel, Fiona Graham, James Corkin, Robert French, Jim Feldes, Lara Zalinko, Riley Westbrook, Brittany Miller, Lorn Kennedy, Amanda Kong, Mark Gilbert, Lara Epp, Anurita Dhiman, Morag Wagner, Kyle Berthaudin, Rhea Virk, Paula Evoy, Mark Jensen, Troy Boyd, Rafie Relova, Colin Perepelken, Sol Thiesen, and Parker Cowan. 

Course release plan and checklist (table will be updated as courses release):

Course Moodle B/U D2L B/U Updates
Math Courses:
Math 4 database/rubric updates
Math 5 database/rubric updates
Math 6 database/rubric updates
Math 7 database/rubric updates
Math 8 database/rubric updates
Math 9 database/rubric updates
W Math 10 database/rubric updates
W Math 11 database/rubric updates
FPC Math 10 database/rubric updates
PC Math 11 database/rubric updates
F Math 11 database/rubric updates
A Math 12 database/rubric updates
PC Math 12 database/rubric updates
F Math 12 database/rubric updates
LF Math 50 database/rubric updates
LF Math 60
database/rubric updates
LF Math 70 database/rubric updates
Science Courses:
Science 4 database/rubric updates
Science 5 database/rubric updates (U1)
Science 6 database/rubric updates (U1)
Science 7 database/rubric updates
Science 8 database/rubric updates
Science 9 database/rubric updates
Science 10 database/rubric updates
Earth Science 11 database & LG updates
Biology 11 database/rubric updates, org
Biology 12 database/rubric updates, org
Chemistry 11 database/rubric updates, org
Chemistry 12 database/rubric updates, org
Physics 11 database/rubric updates, keys
Physics 12 database/rubric updates, keys
Science for Cit 11 database/rubric updates
English Courses:
English 4 various
English 5 various
English 6 various
English 7 various
English 8 note: all updates (not LTI)
English 9 note: all updates (not LTI)
ELA 10 x 5 note: all updates (not LTI)
ELA 11
note: all updates (not LTI)
English Studies 12 various
ELA First Peoples 12 various
LF English 60 note: all updates (not LTI)
LF English 70   note: all updates (not LTI)
Socials Courses:
Socials 4 NEW FP UNIT 1
Socials 5 NEW FP UNIT 1
Socials 6 rubrics/various
Socials 7 rubrics/various
Socials 8 NEW FP UNIT 1
Socials 9 rubrics/various
Social 10 rubrics/various
SS11-Explorations rubrics/various
SS12-FP 12 rebuild (reduced)
SS12-LAW various
SS12-Social Justice
rebuild (projects)
SS12-World Religions
SS12-Indigenous Studies NEW!
PE Courses:
PHE 4 various
PHE 5 various
PHE 6 various
PHE 7 various
PHE 8 various
PHE 9 various
Physical Ed. 10 various
Careers Courses:
Careers-Middle various
Career Life Ed. (CLE) various
CLE-French various
Career Life Connect (CLC) various
Elective Courses:
Accounting 11 database/rubric updates
Digital Photo 12 various
Inter & Fam Rel 11 various
Child Dev & Caregiving 12 various
Food & Nutrition 11 various
Food & Nutrition 12 various
Comp Programming 11 Adjustments per feedback
Fashion Industry 12 various
Entrepreneurship 12 various
Game Dev 11 (BA) various
Robotics 11 (BA) various
Psychology 11 (BA)   feedback updates
Psychology 12 (BA) next year   summer 2023 release
Graphic Production 11 New! (requires tablet)
Comp Studies 10 New!
AB/SK Specific:
Physics 20 n/a videos in tests + honours
Chem 20 n/a various
AB SC 8 n/a various
AB SC 9 n/a various
Math 10-C n/a various
Math 10-3 n/a various
Math 20-1 n/a various
Math 20-2 n/a New!
Math 20-3 n/a various
Math 30-3  n/a New!
SK Math 5 n/a test solutions have videos
SK Math 6 n/a test solutions have videos
SK Math 7 n/a test solutions have videos
SK Math 8 n/a test solutions have videos
SK Math 9 n/a test solutions have videos
SK Science 5 n/a various
SK Science 6 n/a various
SK Science 7 n/a various
SK Science 8 n/a various
SK Science 9 n/a various
SK English 5 n/a various
SK English 6 n/a various
SK English 7 n/a various
SK English 8 n/a various
SK English 9 n/a various
SK Socials 5 n/a various
SK Socials 6 n/a various
SK Socials 7 n/a various
SK Socials 8 n/a various
SK Socials 9 n/a various
SK Law 30 n/a various