Middle Careers and D2L Info

Middle Careers and D2L Info

by Brent Sawatzky -
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A few WCLN updates for you:

1. Please note that a new middle-school Careers course is now available for download.   A related discussion forum has been set up for further info.

2. With the recent news that the BC Ministry of Ed is establishing a relationship with D2L (Brightspace), we've received a bunch of questions.  Please note that we've already tested the movement of some sample courses to D2L over the last year and technical issues were sorted by the WCLN/D2L team.   Certainly, there is still a lot of work related to the conversions of 100+ WCLN courses, but meetings with MoE are scheduled to talk about the transition process and plan.

3. Regarding questions about future development, we have no immediate plans to move development from Moodle to D2L.  LTI and import scripts allow us to continue to develop in Moodle and serve both D2L and Moodle users.  At some point in the future, we may deem it more efficient to develop in D2L, but this is neither required nor planned at this point.

Have a great day!