Media Dev:

Together, we've built hundreds (600+) of WCLN media pieces which have been popular with students, as they provide non-pressure and engaging opportunities for testing their understanding.



As a Lesson Developer, you'll often want to add some interactives so students can "play" and "test their knowledge" in little portions along-the-way.   These have proven popular and have improved student scaffolding, as they're quick and non-threatening ways for students to play (test their knowledge) before moving forward.

Some Lesson Developers are comfortable making their own games, but most would prefer some help with the technical side.

Game Design Steps:

  1. Decide on the format that best fits your requirements.
  2. Clearly identify the required development information (eg. left1=3/4, right1=0.75......).
  3. If you have graphics that you'd like used, you can send them along or clearly describe your needs.
  4. When organized, submit the form to submit your game into the tech-support que.
  5. Move onto the next.   You may get questions and/or a confirmation email from tech-support.

Format Options for Games:

Below are the main templates we use for making games.   If you have something else in mind, we can certainly chat about custom ones, if nothing here will fit your needs.

    • Spider Love (Matching - 5 pairs) - example
    • Potato Head (2 Categories - 5 items) - example
    • Potato Head (3 Categories - 5 items) - example
    • Arrange (4 items) - example
    • Image Labels (10 labels) - example
    • Venn Diagram - example
    • Balloon Pop (speed MC, up to 6 levels, with up to 10 questions per level) - example
    • Invaders (speed - up to 50 questions) - example
    • Memory Cards (flip - 5 pairs) - example
    • Hidden Picture (16 questions) - example
    • MC Quiz (4 options, 10 questions) - example
    • Jeopardy (gameshow, 20 questions) - example
    • Custom - ie. your custom design (lots of detail needed)

Making Graphics (if wanted):

You can let the tech-support create your graphics if you choose.  If so, skip this page and just ensure that you describe the graphic requirements to the best of your ability.

If you'd rather make your own graphics, here you go:

Making graphics with Text on Them

Making graphics with Pictures on Them

Note: if you're good and recognizing rough proportions, you may wish the faster method of just using the "Snipping Tool" to quickly grab a roughly proportional graphic to save.

Quick-Reference Dimensions (and rough proportions):

  Dimensions (w x h) Proportions (w:h) Format
Matching / Spiderlove 160x75 pixels 2:1 .jpg
Categories / Potato - questions 150x210 pixels 2:3 .png
Categories / Potato 2 - categories 195x108 pixels 2:1 .png
Categories / Potato 2 - categories 135x108 pixels 2:1 .png
Arrange 200x100 pixels 2:1 .jpg
Image Labelling 350x350 pixels 1:1 .jpg
Memory 100x100 pixels 1:1 .jpg
MC Quiz can vary    


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