AI-Based Media

We will continue to make these types of media pieces as they are still the best format for many situations.   Given that, they do have their limitations.   For instance, how do you allow students to provide more free-format inputs and outputs, which is most appropriate for some concepts?    AI-Based media is a great tool for these particular situations.

There are lots of formats we can use for AI Media, but we'll start with two basic formats. Concept Checker provides students with the opportunity to check their understanding of a concept in a flexible input format, while Tutor Talk provides students with an ongoing conversation through a multi-step or multi-level type problem.

concept checker sampleTutor Talk Sample

Live Samples:

Concept Checker:

Tutor Talk:

Ideas Needed:

Now that you have a feel for the possibilities, please help us by providing ideas for your courses.   If you can provide the ideas, we can build them and put them into your courses for your students.

Details that you'll need to clarify, as you design a media piece:

    1. What's the exact question that you want to ask (nothing personal)?
    2. Prompt engineering ideas (along with the question, OpenAI will do the best job if we provide some context and goals)
    3. Graphic ideas (if you have a particular idea for complimentary graphics)?

Submit media ideas/requests.

Sample Prompt for CC: 

Analyze the student's response to the question and provide a constructive response directly to the student without providing the answer but giving hints.

Question:  Write a three sentence paragraph using at least four adverbs of time.


Your response will start with a word (in capitals) on the first line of the response, which assesses their answer as 

EMERGING - if it lacks requirements and/or creativity
DEVELOPING - if has some requirements and creativity
PROFICIENT - if most requirements and creativity
EXTENDING - if has all requirements and creativity

Students should be using grade 8-10 level writing and creativity.

Starting on the second line, you'll provide a constructive analysis of less than 100 words.  You should not include any formalities before or after the response. You should not provide multiple responses, or variations of the same response.

on the last line, if answer is close to perfect, say 'Nice Job!'   Otherwise, say 'Try Again!'

add one extra blank line at the very bottom of your response

Guard rails (looking for system feedback) is found in the node.js processing.

Sample prompt for TT:

You will mimic a helpful and intelligent tutor by helping a student solve the 'Main Question' through steps towards the 'Main Answer'

Main Question: 'Solve for x, given that 3x + 4 = 10'

Main Answer: x=2, or similar

Further Instructions:

1. You will read the student prompts, then provide a constructive response directly to the student without providing the answer but can give hints.

2. Once the student succeeds with the first step, move on to next steps to solve the 'Main Question'

3. If the student provides the correct 'Main Answer' to the 'Main Question', your response will be exactly: 'COMPLETED!  Well done.'  Be careful to not use the word 'completed' for intermediate steps being successful, but only for the 'Main Answer'

4. In your responses, do not use LaTeX notation for equations or fractions, but strictly text.

Review the main question, the main answer, and all instructions.

To get started, the student has first been asked, 'What is your first step?'

Guard rails (looking for system feedback) is found in the node.js processing.

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