A couple of things to check:

Subscription Status:

    • go into a lesson > hamburger icon > account settings > change email subscriptions.  
    • Should be "immediately."  (Note: this is turned off if you click unsubscribe link in email)

 Role assignments:  

    • go into a lesson > hamburger icon > Manage Role assignments.   
    • Are you listed in all of your courses?


If you had to fix one of the above and are worried about tests that happened during the problem, just use your Dashboard to catch-up.

    • go into a lesson > hamburger icon > View Report Dashboard.   
    • You can catch all the ones requiring grading in the first box.
    • You can scan student progress that you missed in the second.

Types of Accounts in SF:

Within the SF system, there are three types of accounts:  admin, students, and teachers.

      • admin / teachers - can see and edit quiz settings, as well as receive notifications.
      • students - can't adjust quiz settings.

If you're making alternate roles within D2L, you'll want to base them on one of these roles, based on what your want allowable for these roles.

For example, if you make a counsellor role and want them to see everyone and enable tests, but not receive notifications, you could base the role on a teacher, but then change their subscription status to not receive emails.


Last modified: Friday, 7 June 2024, 10:59 AM