This page covers how to change the structure of the quizzes: changing question pools, removing questions, reordering questions, etc.

To Customize or Not?

The StudyForge LTI integration allows edits made by the WCLN to be automatically updated in your course. By editing your quiz structure using the tools on this page, you will no longer get updates to the structure of your quiz, but you will still get all updates to individual questions

In StudyForge, Quizzes include links to a Question database; so long as your customized quiz is using the "master copy version" of the questions, you will get all updates to the questions, but you will not get changes to the quiz structure.

For example:

  1. If the WCLN fixes a question, you will get the updates.
  2. If the WCLN expands the question bank with new questions (or removes old questions) you will not get the updates unless you add them yourself or revert to the master version of the quiz.

Not good reasons to customize a quiz:

  • There is a pedagogically poor question. Instead, please post to the forum so it can be fixed/removed for all WCLN users.
  • You found a typo or mistake in a question that is (otherwise) good. Instead of removing the question, please post to the forum so it can be fixed for all WCLN users.

Good reasons to customize a quiz:

  • You wish to supplement a First Peoples section with some locally-focused questions.
  • You wish to change the length of the quiz.
  • You wish to add new question(s) to the quiz.

Note: To use these tools now, you will need to opt in to the beta stream in StudyForge. By the end of April, these settings will appear for all teachers in the stable (default) stream.

Topics (click topics to jump to details):

Q1: Quiz editing screen navigation

Adapted from "How Do I Customize a Group Quiz?" from the StudyForge support hub.

1. From the Activity Report page. Click Edit Quiz

If you do not see the Edit Quiz button, then you will need to opt in to the beta stream of StudyForge. This step is only required until late April when these features go live.

2. Click Edit to start customizing the Group quiz.

Clicking Edit makes a new copy of the structure of the quiz that will only change the quiz for your class (called a "Group" in StudyForge).

3. This is the quiz editing screen.

Quiz editing screen features:
  • Builder / Group Settings / History tabs toggle between the quiz editing modes:
    • Builder is for editing the structure of the quiz. The red dot indicates there are unsaved changes.
    • Group Settings is an alternative method to change quiz settings (passwords, attempt limits, etc.).
    • History allows you to view your versions of the quiz and revert to older versions.
    • Original Quiz History allows you to view all master (WCLN) versions of the quiz to review changes over time, but no changes can be made on this screen.
  • Undo/redo buttons
  • Quizzes can have individual questions and question pools.
  • Question bank search frame
  • Save and Publish buttons

4. It is a two step process to publish your changes:

Save saves all changes made in the quiz editing screen, but does not publish the changes to the course. Students will continue to use the existing version of the quiz.

Publish publishes the changes to the course. All quizzes started after it is published will use the new version. Any quizzes that are already started/completed will not be changed.

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Q2: Questions: edit, preview, reorder, delete

For individual questions, hovering the mouse over the question will reveal these buttons in the top-right corner:

In order, these are: edit question (make a copy to edit if it's from a shared question bank), preview question, move to top, move up 1, move down 1, move to bottom, and remove question from quiz.

You can also drag & drop a question to re-order or merge the question into a pool by holding left click. Drag above or below to reorder, or drag onto a question/pool to add the question to a pool.

On the right-hand side, you can adjust the number of points awarded for the question by changing the Weight, which will automatically adjust the Percentage to match.


Q3: Question pools: edit, reorder, delete, view individual questions

For question pools, you can see how many questions will be added to the quiz in the first line. In this case, both questions (2 of 2) will be added (in random order).

Hovering the mouse over the pool will reveal these butons in the top-right corner:

In order, these are:

  1. Remove all questions from the pool. (They become individual questions on the quiz.)
  2. Manage this pool. (Add/remove questions from the pool or the number of questions to add to the quiz from the pool)
  3. Reorder question pool buttons: (move to top, move up 1, move down 1, move to bottom)
    • Question pools can also be dragged & dropped to re-order or merge into pools. Note: Merging question pools is currently bugged as of 2024-04-20.
  4. Remove question pool. (Removes all questions in the pool from the quiz.)

On the right-hand side, you can change the Weight Per Question which will automatically recalculate the Total Pool Percentage from all questions selected from the pool.

Clicking Manage this pool, will bring up the Edit Pool screen:

The top left box changes the number of questions to add to the quiz from the pool.

The blue button empties the question pool, adding the questions to the quiz.

The 4 buttons in each question, in order:

  1. Remove this question from the pool, and move the question to the quiz.
  2. Edit the question (and make a copy if it is from a shared question bank).
  3. Preview the qeustion.
  4. Remove the question from the pool. (The question itself is not deleted; it can still be found by its Ref in the question bank.)

Click the in the top right when you are done making changes.

Q4: How to revert changes

On the History tab, you can see a list of all versions of the quiz you have Saved. This history will remain even if you revert to the master WCLN version of the quiz.

Click the ▼ button on the right side of an entry in the history tab to expand and see details. Scroll down to the bottom of an expanded entry to see the option to preview or revert to a saved version of the quiz:

To revert to the master WCLN version of the course, select the Revert to default questions option on the Builder tab:

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Q5: How to search for questions

There are two ways to search for questions:

  1. Search Questions searches the question bank for individual questions.
  2. Explore Quizzes searches for quizzes, and shows all questions on the quiz.

1. Search Questions

Click the ▼ button to bring up advanced search:

  • Searching by Ref in the Reference field is recommended to ensure accuracy with finding desired questions.
  • If seraching for topics, Content will search the entire question content for the key words.
  • You can restrict the search to only certain question types.
  • It is not recommended to search by Title as the WCLN courses developed over many years use inconsistent naming systems.


  • At present (April 2024), the WCLN question library is not tagged, so the bottom two options will not be useful.
  • The search results will display the first 25 hits with no option to view more results.

Explore Quizzes allows for navigating through a course to see all questions on a quiz or test. Tests with large question pools may take a long time "Loading..." (longer than a minute). Be patient!

While exploring a quiz, questions and pools have two buttons in the top right corner on mouseover:

  • Add to active quiz adds the question or question pool to the quiz.
  • Preview this question opens individual questions to preveiw.
  • View Pool Questions opens the pool to view individual questions, with the option to go Back to the full test at any time.

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Q6: How to copy a Group Quiz into another course

You can copy quizzes between classes using a StudyForge custom course. Details to be posted, but the short version: Make a custom course, copy the quiz into the custom course (which can have multiple teachers, if you wish to share between teachers), then use the LTI link for the custom course's quiz to add a new LTI link in Brightspace/Moodle.

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