COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support

by Brent Sawatzky -
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Please note that the WCLN Board of Directors have been organizing things to help in this time of crisis.

We know that there are various great options for helping your teachers survive these challenges, and welcome you to use WCLN as part of your solution.

Most WCLN members have local well-established Distance Learning programs who will support their colleagues in local schools.   Given that, you'll all have some common questions "coming in fast-and-furious."   For this, we'll provide support FAQ's at: > COVID-19 Support     
Feel free to refer teachers to these tools as you see fit.   Feedback is welcome (as we'll gladly evolve this).

Please note that we've extended use of our resources beyond our usual membership until the end of the crisis.   All Western Canadian schools (public or private) will be able to freely use resources to support their students.   Of course, it's expected that hosting and individual support (beyond the FAQ's) will be handled locally.

Stay strong,

Your WCLN Director Team

Bruce Weitzel, Karen Flello, Megan Boniface, Dirk Meyer, Colleen Mullin, Sean Thomas, Heather Lait, Norbert Kasper