What is WIRIS?


WIRIS is a top-notch equation editor that makes the development of equations quite easy for both teachers and students.

    1. WCLN used to build questions within math/science courses using WIRIS.
    2. Since 2023, WCLN uses Latex within the SF LTI system.
    3. Thus, WCLN members do NOT need to use the WIRIS Filter for 2023+ courses.
    4. Given that, if you want to enable teachers and/or students to "easily" create equations in Math/Science courses, then your district could purchase a local WIRIS license.  

WCLN Member Licensing:

Licensing costs are based on the total # of faculty and # of students that need access to the tools.

There's a minimum deployment of 250 students (includes 6 faculty), but beyond that the specific costs depend on the tools included.

The basic cost for the formula editors in the LMS is $0.60 - $1.00 USD; with minimum deployment being at $1 per student.

Pricing page here: http://www.wiris.com/en/store

For any questions about licensing, please contact sales@wiris.com

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 10:18 AM