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Here are the steps we've been using to convert WCLN courses from Moodle to D2L.

Files: DownLoads, CheckList, Banners, D2L

Step 1: Prepare Moodle Backup.

Backup course from Moodle.

If math or science course, do conversion to pure MathML (replacing WIRIS format).

Step 2: Import Backup into D2L.

Open your empty "Shell" course.

More > Course Admin > Course Offering Info > 

    • Course Offering Name = Physics 11 (long name from Moodle)
    • Course Offering Code = PH11 (short name from Moodle or here)
    • Save

More > Course Admin > Import/Export/Copy Components > Import Components (from a course package)

Choose file and "import all components"………….and wait……..and wait……  :)

Step 3: Course Homepage & Layout (seems it often has to be redone on local site).

Top-right of opening banner to change image and intro text (add "Welcome to...").


More > Course Admin > Homepages

Go to Widgets & create custom widgets for each course.  eg:

    • Widget 1 (for each course):
      • Name = INTRO-PH11
      • See Reference Sheet.
        • Content = HTML of video/steps
        • Adjust video size to 445x250 
      • Content > Customize widget style - uncheck "display a title"
    • Widget 2 (IF student tools needed - eg. formula sheet):
      • Name = TOOLS-PH11
      • See Reference Sheet (same link as above).

Go back to Hompages & create a custom homepage..

    • Name = WCLN - PH11
    • Layout = "One" (first one)
    • Widgets (top to bottom) = INTRO, TOOLS, Visual TOC
    • Save
    • Set "Active Homepage" to your new Hompage > Apply

Go to "Course Home" - look good?

Step 4: Teacher Tools unit.

Rename the extra unit (prior to Unit 1) as "Teacher Tools" and hide

    • Click on "Imported Module" > ... > Edit
    • Name = Teacher Tools
    • Description = <p><img src="" alt="teacher tools" title="teacher tools" style="max-width: 100%;"></p>
    • *If "Formula Sheet" link is here, you can move link for "Course Tools" widget and delete here.
    • Any other student-specific items to move to "Course Tools"
    • Leave other items that are teacher-specific (eg. Teacher Notes, Teacher Feedback, ....).
    • Make invisible (to students) by toggling eye at top.

Step 5: Other Units and Header.

Main Course Banner (... in top-right).

    • Change image = Choose most closely related D2L stock photo.
    • Customize Banner Text (Custom) = Welcome to Physics 11!

Aside - Preparing Unit graphics in Photoshop.

    • Save grid images from Moodle to desktop.
    • Open the psd file (
    • Drag your images onto the psd (layers below rectangle) to make 360x140 with added boarder.
    • Export as png file.
    • B FTP files to the server (_LOR/course_banners/D2L/).

Adding new graphics to D2L units.

    • Click on each unit > ... > Edit
    • Replace <p> with HTML below, then adjust scr and alt:

<p align="center"><img src="" alt="U1" title="unit banner" style="max-width: 100%; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"></p>
<p align="center">

Step 6: Un-hide Quizzes

The imported quizzes/tests are all hidden from students (by default).

    • Go to "Assessments" > Quizzes
    • Select all (top box)  > More actions > Make Visible to Users
    • From here, it's a good time to "Preview" a few quizzes to ensure they look good.

Conversion Follow-up Notes:

We did some vetting and found a number of challenges during the Moodle to D2L conversion process.   Some we were able to resolve with D2L help, but some were unresolved when we ran out of time for release.   Here are some remaining items that were shared with D2L to address as they find time, hoping they can identify short-term and long-term solutions for all. 

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