Contact Info From SMS to Moodle

Note:  Many districts use the Progress Report for sending out weekly updates to students, guardians, and/or counsellors.   Some users have asked for a process to grab all of the "contact email addresses" from the SMS and insert them into the "Contact" fields within Moodle.   This allows the "Progress Reports" to go to these extra contacts when teachers do their weekly Progress Reports.   The SMS, thus, now has a "Contact Information" report that can be generated in the SMS's Export area.    You can use this report to populate the Contact1 and Contact2 fields within Moodle using the process below.

Please note:   Although I've successfully used this process myself, I'm not going to guarantee this process for your site, as it can impact a LOT of student accounts.    You should experiment with the process on a small number of student accounts before doing the big list.

Prepare Export for Uploading:

  • sort data by username
  • remove the accounts with no username (requested students)
  • change "lmsUsername" to "username"
  • change "contact1" to "profile_field_Contact1"
  • change "contact2" to "profile_field_Contact2"
  • Save as .csv file (if first time, test with a small group of students).
  • Upload file, per below.

Site Admin > Accounts > Upload Users

Moodle Settings

Last modified: Thursday, 17 December 2020, 3:12 PM