Site Preparation

Course Downloads

Find the course downloads in the Discussion Forum.

All courses in the download area are free to WCLN members except for the material labelled as Content Connections or StudyForge.   An additional license is required to use these resources.  To access this additional license, find the corresponding vendor under the Partners area.

LTI Set-up (Required)

Most WCLN courses use LTI to distribute the lessons in a course. These lessons can more easily be kept up-to-date by WCLN year-round.

In order for your Moodle site to access these lessons, you'll need to configure some LTI settings PRIOR to restoring the courses

Instructions for LTI Configuration

Moodle Versions

Moodle backups restore best into versions of Moodle that are equal or greater than the version of the restore.   Thus, WCLN posts the version of summer releases each March/April in the general "WCLN News" forum on the front page of the site.   This gives members 3+ months to prepare their sites for the August releases.    

Moodle Plugins

To best accommodate your hosting and updates, WCLN tries to minimize the extra Moodle plugins used in courses.  Given that, here are some ideas:

    • Grid - this is NOT required, but makes your courses look prettier dashboard look.  (Free - see "")
    • WIRIS Filter - this is required to view the equations within the course.
    • WIRIS Editor - this is NOT required, but allows students and teachers to easily build equations.  See "Partners"
    • Progress Report - this is a recommended plugin that helps with communication (Free to members, see "Plugins")
    • Individual Plugin - this is a plugin that helps with deadlines (Free to members, see "Plugins")
    • WCLN-LTI - this is needed after Summer/2019.....see notes below (Free to members, see "Plugins")
    • Marking Blocks - teachers often appreciate marking blocks,. though none work perfect.   (Free - see "")

MathML (Equations)

Many equations within WCLN Math/Science courses are built with WIRIS to make them easier to read for students.    

Seeing these equations on your site requires a Math filter.

    • you must install the WIRIS filter so you can see the equations (FREE).
    • If your local staff and/or students will want to build equations using WIRIS (great if your budget allows it), then you will also install the WIRIS editors and contact WIRIS/MathType for licensing.

See Partners > WIRIS for more details.

Establishing a Moodle Site

If you are new to all this, please note that WCLN Members are responsible for their own Moodle instance for their own students.  WCLN will simply supply the course backups for you to restore onto your own Moodle site.

Some districts host their own Moodle site.

    • Pros:  cheap, can expand as much as you want (eg support BL in classrooms) without thinking about cost. 
    • Cons:  requires a solid tech department with a little extra time.  Plan for problems on a holiday?

Some districts chose a separate hosting service.

    • Pros:  less stress for your tech department, more support in non-typical hours, and specialists.
    • Cons:  you'll be paying for the service.

Choosing a Host

There are lots of hosting options for Moodle, but here are some partners who are currently hosting your colleagues.

    • 2StoryRobot - programming team, developed SMS2 (can host both),   See more info under "Partners"
    • OSBC - longest history of LMS hosting in BC.   See more info under "Partners"
    • KnowPlace - provides a variety of hosting packages and support.  See more info under "Partners"
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