New Media for You! June 6th


For those wanting to start inserting new media into their existing courses, here is a sample list of resources being built for you and your students.  As development is in "full force" at this point, I'll just post this last list for this development year.   Of course, all these (and plenty more) will be in the new masters coming this summer (available August 15th).

New Videos (60+ new ones for this summer):

New HTML5 Games & Media (100+ new ones for this summer) :

Monkey Media

Topics: 2d motion, kinematics, projectile motion

Ferris Wheel Simulator

Topics: centripetal, forces, normal force, circular

Density, Volume, and Mass

Topics: chemistry, mass, volume, density

Types of Cells

Topics: cells, Eukaryote, Prokaryotic

Order of Cellular Respiration

Topics: Cellular, glycolysis, Respiration

New Inquiry Projects (100+ new ones for this summer):

From the early Greek view of infinitely indivisible matter to electrons zooming around in shells outside of a nucleus, how did the current atomic model come to be?

Topics: atomic theory
Comic book characters have always made for entertaining cinema. Great movies pay close attention to the limitations that physics dictates. Does the Hulk push the limits too far when he tosses a tank?

Topics: centripetal, physics, circular motion
How are bird wings similar to your arm?

Topics: bones, chicken wing, arm
Realistic animations have become the real "game-changer" when it comes to special effects. Can you determine how realistic an animation is using your knowledge of kinematics?

Topics: graphs, kinematics, projectile
We all know that great athletes are physically strong. But they are also very “efficient” at what they do. What does this mean?

Topics: energy, human kinetics, efficiency

New Games & Media from OSBC (60+ new ones for this summer):

Our friends at OSBC have been busy converting their best Flash media to HTML5, as well. We've been lucky enough to help with their priority list by indentifying the media we use in our new courses. Thanks to Sean and the team at OSBC for supporting our students!  These are all in the masters for this summer.

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