Individual Progress

This block will help you and your students keep track of their progress, as compared to their individual goals (for asynchronous programs).  

It allows DL/BL students a little extra help with setting deadlines and tracking progress.

As a teacher, you set the items that require deadlines.   Students will then have the ability to set a deadline date for each of your items.

As it's a new block, here's an example APPLICATION OF THIS PLUGIN.

Adding this block to your Site

  1. Download the file and unzip.
  2. Put site into maintenance mode.
  3. Copy "individual_progress" folder to "/blocks/".
  4. Go to notifications and update.
  5. Turn off maintenance mode.

Adding the Block to a Course

  1. Within your course, click "Turn editing on"
  2. In the side panel, find "Add a Block"
  3. Add "Individual Progress"
  4. You should now see the block

Configuring the Block

Once you have the block:

Teacher config:

  • Turn editing on > Click gear (edit) >  Click "configure...."
  • Typical settings: Ordering in course, Squeeze, No, Yes, Schedule, Selected Activities
  • Select Activities: perhaps not all (too many dates) but just the Unit tests or similar?
  • "Save Changes"
  • Once saved, you can tell students to set their goals.
  • Also, you can view "Overview of students"  - see below.
  • first student hasn't filled-in deadlines.  Second has.  Bright red for "behind due date"

Student config:

  • Each student will see a button called "Set Deadline Dates" on their block.
  • Upon clicking on this button, all of the "teacher selected" items are listed along with a date-selection beside each (see below).

  • Choose a deadline for each and "Save Changes"
  • Once saved, the student see (as below).  Green for done, bright red for behind schedule, dark red for not due yet:

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