Combined Courses

FAQ:  Elementary and Middle school teachers asking whether they can combine all courses into one - ie. they don't need the assessment features and just want to hand-pick lessons from each subject area to put into one place.

Yes, this can be done.   It might look like this:


How to make your own Combined Course:

Step 1:   Ask your local Moodle admin to download the "Combined Course Template" course from the WCLN download area and restore a copy on your site called (something like) "Mrs. Smith's Online Course."   They'll make you the teacher of it.

Step 2:   Print out this page and make a list of your planned books for each topic.   Here's how to identify the books that you'll want to use from the WCLN site:


Step 3:   Once you've completed your planning sheet, let's build/link the books within your new course.


Step 4:   Adding worksheets, external sites, custom books, etc.....   Here's how:


Step 5:   Other additions.   To add Intro Video, Discussion Forums, ......etc, see the HOW TO list.

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