How to: Use Zoom in Courses?

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is something you may find useful in connecting with your students.   

Inserting your video meetings within your course helps "keep everything together" to assist your "classroom organization."

Zoom is a popular conferencing tool, so we'll use that as our example.   Other tools exist and many of them can be handled in the same way.

Below is some Zoom help from SD23's LT Department (thanks Jordan!).

Running a Zoom Meeting

Partic a Zoom Meeting

Other Zoom References

  • Zoom Best Practices for Educators (a list of considerations to help you maximize the effectiveness of ZOOM video conferencing for your learners)
  • Zoom Technical FAQs (an ongoing list of our district’s most frequently asked questions around Zoom video conferencing)
  • Zoom Guide for Students & Families (a how-to guide of how to participate in a Zoom meeting that may be useful to send home if using Zoom with your students and families)
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