WCLN and D2L

Some WCLN members have chosen to use D2L as their LMS (vs. Moodle).  Thank you to Bev Bastness, SIDES, and the D2L team for the following info.

 Here are the steps to get a WCLN course working in the Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). 

Configuring LTI content: 

The LTI Tool Provider expects the LTI Tool Consumer to send the element 'custom_id' with the activation of each resource link. The 'custom_id' element does not exist in the .mbz file and is not automatically imported into the D2L Brightspace LMS. The Moodle course content backup file (.mbz) must be modified or each LTI link can be manually edited to add the custom_id.

 There are two different methods of providing the 'custom_id' element into the D2L Brightspace LMS:

 Method 1:

Extract the WCLN Moodle .mbz file and run the script in the extracted folder. Then compress the archive back to the .mbz file. (see video)

Method 2:

Manually adding the 'custom_id' element with corresponding 'value' for each WCLN course resource link in D2L's LTI resource link 'Custom Parameters' settings after importing the .mbz.

Both methods above require the WCLN Moodle course backup file to be imported into the D2L Brightspace LMS platform. 

Importing the Moodle Backup

Once a new course is created in D2L you can import the .mbz backup using the Import/Export/Copy Course Components tool in the D2L Brightspace Learning Environment.  During the course import process, entries from the moodle backup file are converted and imported into the Content tool as Topics. Quizzes, Gradebook and Dropboxes are all created. All files are placed in the managed files area. 


Imported Course Example

Using Safari on a Mac, users will find that the default settings don't allow the Table of Contents to work. To fix, either switch to Chrome or:

1. Go to Safari > Preferences

2. Click on the tab titled Privacy

3. After Website tracking, uncheck the box next to Prevent cross-site tracking

4. Reload the LTI page, it should be working now

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 January 2021, 3:14 PM