How to: Send Progress Reports?

Communicating with Parents

Communicating with parents is a key part of remote learning.

Your district or school may have standard ways to communicate with students and/or parents.

If you're looking for a way to communicate assessment and comments, you may find the Progress Report handy.

How to Send a Note to Students

If you wish to send a note to all of (or most of) your students in a course, you can send a group message.

    • Under Navigation, Courses, click on Participants
    • Use the filter to grab only "active students" if applicable.
    • Select all (then unselect any student you want to include)
    • At the bottom, With selected users > Send a Message

This will send a note out in the Moodle messenger.

Typical Moodle site settings will involve the message going to the student's email if they don't login soon after your send.

How to Send a "Progress Report"

If you are using the Moodle gradebook, you may wish to send out a (weekly) report to your students (along with a note).  You can also include parent/guardians in this Progress Report.

Note that your local Moodle administrator has to install the Progress Report before this is available to you.   If installed:

    • Turn Editing On
    • Add a Block > WCLN Progress Report
    • In your new Block "Compose New Email"

For more detail, see:

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