WCLN and D2L

Some WCLN members have chosen to use D2L as their LMS (vs. Moodle).  Thank you to Bev Bastness, SIDES, and the D2L team for the following info.

 Here are the steps to get a WCLN course into the Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). 

Configure WCLN as an LTI Provider to your site: 

Follow D2L’s instructions for setting up a tool provider, using the following details:

    • Launch Point: wcln.ca/local/lti/index.php
    • Version: 1.1
    • OAuth Signature Method: HMAC-SHA1
    • Enter key and secret provided to you by WCLN
    • Security Settings: check all
    • Make tool provider available to: Select the course offering(s) you have imported WCLN content to, or share down to all course offerings under an organization or organization unit (e.g. department).

Loading WCLN Courses into D2L

Note that WCLN now has D2L course backups in the download area.

We've done much of the preparation for you, but have found that the "Homepages" and "Widgets" don't seem to transfer in many cases.

Thus, you may wish to go through the process in Step 3 locally.

See: WCLN > Teacher Support > MoodleD2L > Converting a Course

Imported Course Example

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