How to: Add Discussions to your Course?

Discussion Forums

If you are in a scheduled (classroom or blended) setting, you'll find that discussion forums are fantastic ways to get students "talking."

Classroom teachers are often surprised by how comfortable students are within a discussion forum, not realizing how natural this form of communication to digital natives.

Quiet students (who often avoid class discussions) will start to thoughtfully express themselves in a forum settings.   Extreme extroverts no longer dominate the conversations.

Adding a Discussion Forum

    • Turn editing on
    • Go to the unit where you wish to put the Discussion Forum
    • At the bottom of the unit, click "+ Add an activity or resource"
    • Under "Activities," click "Forum" > Add
    • Forum Name = "What's a question that can create some good discussion?"
    • Description = "This is your chance to start the conversation.  Provide some context and triggers."
    • There are various ways built-into Moodle to assess forums, but most teachers who have experimented with them decide to just give an overall "Forum Participation" mark at the end of your course.  


Last modified: Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 6:43 AM