Classrooms Teachers going Remote

WCLN is a non-profit organization that enables teachers from Western Canadian school districts to build online resources, with technical support.

COVID-19: ALL WCLN resources are freely available to ANY teacher in Western Canada who wants to use these resources to support their new "remote teaching situations."

Watch for communications from your local Distance Learning Program or IT Department to find out what local supports are available, as related to this opportunity.   You can preview courses on this site and find out how to modify your course, but YOUR copy of any course MUST be on your local site.

Two Common Options:

  1. Some teachers will simply preview the courses and come up with ideas for their students.

    Within these courses, you’ll find Worksheets, Video Tutorials, Media Interactives, and Projects.   Feel free to take ideas and present them to your students using email, GSuite, or whatever you wish.

  2. Some teachers will fully integrate their students into the Moodle courses.

    Full integration of your students into these courses allows you to use the materials (as organized) along with the build-in quizzes, gradebook, and submissions features.

    This options is dependent on your district having an LMS (eg. Moodle) that they are willing to host your course(s) on.

To pursue either option, start by making yourself a WCLN account.  If you think that you "might" have an account, go here.

If you don't already have an account:   

Make an Account (use your SD email)

Once you login with this new account, you can scroll to the bottom of the first page to preview courses. 

If you have any troubles with making your account, email:

Your Own Course 

If you decide that you want to integrate your students into the Moodle course (option #2, above), you’ll need your own copy of the course(s).

To do this, you must talk to your school district's DL Program or IT Department. If available, they will access a copy of the course to install on your district's local site. This will allow you to insert your students into the courses, enabling the use of ALL course features.   You can modify your own course.

Last modified: Thursday, 18 June 2020, 8:00 AM