WCLN Login Reminder (Moodle Block)

This block will automatically send emails/messages to students (and parents), based on their "time since last login" within a course.  

It allows DL/BL teachers a little extra help with tracking and communicating.

If you send to the internal email, the student will also be emailed if their settings allow.

Note that the student requires one login before the count begins.  Therefore, this won't help for students who have never logged into your course.

Note:  We started this as "Activity Reminder" but found that we weren't happy with the logic of having them combined, as students were receiving too many reminders with the combined logic.   Thus, we'll release it this way for now and possibly add the submission part of it later if we can agree on good combined logic.

Update Feb, 2018 - no longer sends to suspended students (withdrawn or completed in SMS).

Adding this block to your Site

  1. Download the file and unzip.
  2. Put site into maintenance mode.
  3. Copy "bcln_reminder" folder to "/blocks/".
  4. Go to notifications and update.
  5. Turn off maintenance mode.

Adding the Block to a Course

  1. Within your course, click "Turn editing on"
  2. In the side panel, find "Add a Block"
  3. Add "bcln_login_reminder"
  4. You should now see the block

Configuring the Block

Once you have the block:

  1. Login alert config:
    • Must be enabled to work (default = Yes)
    • If you include "Progress Report" the gradebook table is included (default = No)
    • Number of days with no login (default = 10)
    • Number of days to send reminders (default = 2 days).  After the number of days with no login, the messages will be send daily until either the student logs-in OR the number of days runs out.
    • Copy email into student message (default = Yes).  Many teacher will find it useful to keep a record of this message going out in the student's messages.  This way, when you refer to your correspondence with a student, it'll all be in one place.
    • Subject line = subject of the email (default = "No Recent Login!")
    • Message = your message to students in this situation.  Variable options
      • {userfullname} = student's full name
      • {clink} = course full name acting as a link to course
      • {cfull} = course full name (no link)
      • {cshort} = course short name (no link)

Including Parents &/or Counsellors

The bcln_login_reminder block will send your message to the following email addresses for each student chosen:

  • student email (of course)
  • Contact1  (if an email is found here, it will be included)
  • Contact2  (if an email is found here, it will be included)
  • Contact3  (if an email is found here, it will be included)

Instructions for admins (and teachers*) to add email addresses to "Contacts":

  1. Within the course, click on Participants
  2. Click on the student's name.
  3. Under "User Details," click "Edit Profile"
  4. Under "Other Fields," enter email addresses into "Contact1,2,3"

*Administrators can adjust profiles (by Moodle default), but teacher can't.  To allow teachers to add parent emails, a site admin needs to:

  1. In the user profile area, edit the teacher role to allow it to "edit user profiles"
  2. Under "assign system roles," assigned the teachers who you want to have this ability as a teacher through the system.
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