FAQ's (How to) - Personalize your Course

Once you've had some student time and are comfortable with the basics, you may wish to personalize your course:

FAQ's (click question to jump to answer):

How to:   Modify the Introduction Area?

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How to:  Make an Intro Video?



Step 1: Watch the introductory video (left). You can also update your profile at this point (just click your name in the top-right).

Step 2: Read the Course Outline and make sure you understand the course requirements. Ask your teacher if you have any questions.

Step 3: Make a schedule and get started on the course ASAP! Remember that regular progress is the key.

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How to:  Modify the Course Outline?

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How to: Add an Explanation?

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How to: Add new Books?

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How to:  Manage Projects & Activities?

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How to: Do I need to update my Course?

Updating techniques:

  1. If your program has yearly breaks, then easy to update each year during that break.   Have your Moodle admin keep your old course around for an extra month so you can move over any personal items (the "Sharing Cart" plugin is handy for this).   This is a great way to benefit from updates in an easy way.
  2. If your program is continuous, then it's a bit more challenging.
    • Most common: start the new course and have all new students go into that, move over some of your students (early in the course over), and give the students near the end of the old course a month (or two) to finish up.   It means that you'll have a month (or two) with two courses to watch, but smooth sailing after that.
    • It is possible to backup students and grades and move them into a new course (along with their grades).  It works quite well if all the quizzes and assignments align perfectly (all out of the same amount).   Although some teachers/programs have used this method successfully, most report that it's too time consuming to ensure everything aligns perfectly, so it seems that most use the previous option.

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