Moodle Editor

Your Moodle site has a built-in editor.    There are 2 common types of editors within Moodle, but they're pretty similar.   Getting familiar with your editor is a good way to get development started.

Here's a summary of some common buttons found in the editors.



Font and paragraph buttons Select:
  • Font family (Times New Roman, Arial etc.)
  • Font size
  • Font style (Paragraph, Heading 1 etc.) The default is Paragraph style. Click the down arrow to see the effect of the different choices on the text.
Undo and redo buttons Undo and redo actions
Find and Find/Replace buttons Find, or find-and-replace text
Fullscreen mode toggle button Switch fullscreen mode on or off
Font styling buttons Format font
Text alignment buttons Align text on left, at centre or on right
Text formatting buttons Format painter, format remover, paste as plain text, paste from Microsoft Word
Text colour and highlight buttons Select a colour for text or text-highlighting
Text direction buttons Text direction (left to right, or right to left)
List and indent buttons Set as bullet list, numbered list; decrease indent, increase indent
Link function buttons Insert or edit a link, remove a link, prevent automatic linking
Insert media buttons

Insert media: image, emoticon, embedded media (sound, video or applet), manage embedded files, equation, media gallery, non-breaking-space character, custom character.

When embedding audio, use MP3 files for the best performance.
Insert a table
Toggle HTML source mode
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