Devising a Plan

Most teachers are going to find it easier by starting their online experience with an existing course.

Given that, some teachers may want to invest toms time building their own resources.

Let's start with the basic elements of a course page and links to Moodle documentation.

Using the above image, here are the parts of a typical course homepage. It is possible to move and hide parts of the page and different themes display blocks in different regions, so not all courses will look like this.

Column left Course sections - Center Column right
1 Course full name 6 Section header & News topic 9 Login information
2 Navigation bar 7 Current week - First section 10 Turn editing on button
4 Navigation block 8 Future week - Second section 11 Latest news
5 Settings block 14 "Show only this section" 12 Upcoming events
15 "Switch role to" 13 Recent activity
16 User profile settings
17 Site Administration

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