What is Blended Learning?

Historically, Moodle has primarily been used for Distance Learning (or DL). These are the programs throughout BC where the students can sign-up for a class to be done "at a distance." In these settings, face-to-face contact with the teacher is typically not a requirement.

It is becoming more common for Moodle to be used for Blended Learning (or BL). Since most teachers taking this course will be using it for BL, many of the explanations will be aimed at the classroom teacher experimenting with a Blended Learning approach.

There are MANY variations on BL, but the video below is probably the best overview I've found.

Variety in BL
There are many programs in BC and beyond which label themselves as BL. They probably ALL are different versions of BL, in their own ways. BL is simply using technology to save the human resource (the Teacher) for the most important aspects of learning. Technology simply does what it does best and releases teacher time for more important things, like personal relations and related adaptations. Be cautious of anything being sold as BL where the teachers isn't a central part of the learning process.
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