What is SMS2?

SMS Funding

WCLN members can pay an extra $2500/yr fee to contribute and use the SMS (either version).  100% of the SMS fees go back into SMS updates and additional features.

Why an SMS? Why an Update?

Early in the history of BC's DL programs, it became evident that keeping track of students from a variety of schools, as well as their Moodle accounts, activations, report cards...etc was going to be very difficult without technology.  SMS was collaboratively developed to help manage student Moodle accounts, as well as all the requirements around a DL student.  SMS2 is an update for the SMS.

Process Overview of SMS2?

The SMS manages the student information and accounts from the moment they sign-up with your program to the point where they are completed. To get a good overall feel for the SMS2 and its process flow, here's a flowchart overview.

SMS Set-up

Once you get SMS2 installed for your program, you have some initial set-up to do.  The following video gives a quick overview of that set-up.

Screen-shot Details

If you're not sick of videos at this point, and want to see a bunch of screen shots of the SMS2 to get a feel for the "processes in action," grab a comfortable chair and watch.

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