About WCLN

The Western Canadian Learning Network (WCLN) is a consortium of BC school districts, Alberta school divisions, the Yukon, and NWT who work together to:

  • Support distance learning and alternative ed. programs.
  • Support classroom teachers who are interested in sharing ideas and personalizing their classrooms. 
  • Encourage 21st Century Learning and best practices in education.
  • Support teacher collaboration and professional development.

WCLN is a non-profit society that puts ALL contributions directly back into resource development.

Working together allows us to develop better online resources, create teacher communities, and establish cost-saving partnerships with industry. It all adds up to better learning experiences and opportunities for our students.

Current District/Division Members

School District WCLN Contact DL Program Moodle Site(s) Testing
SD5 - Southeast Kootenay Linda Christenson Kootney DS sd5.knowplace.ca
SD6 - Rocky Mountain Sean Cameron Rocky Mountain DL rmdl.ca free*
SD8 - Kootenay Lake Rob Simpson Kootenay Lake DS sd8.knowplace.ca free*
SD10 - Arrow Lakes Nicholas Graves Arrow Lakes DS online.sd10.bc.ca
SD19 - Revelstoke  
SD20 - Kootenay-Columbia Kristi Crowe moodle.sd20.bc.ca
SD22 - Vernon Bruce Weitzel vLearn sd22.knowplace.ca
SD23 - Central Okanagan Jordan Kleckner eSchoolBC eschoolbc.sd23.bc.ca free*
SD27 - Cariboo-Chilcotin Ken Matieshen GROW moodle.sd27.bc.ca $20/test
SD28 - Quesnel Patti Kimpton Quesnel DL moodle.qdlonline.info  free*
SD33 - Chilliwack Todd McLean FVDES my.fvdes.com  free*
SD34 - Abbotsford Brad Hutchinson Virtual School s2.abbyvirtual.com free*
SD35 - Langley Ron Stare lecss.com sd35.yourmoodle.com
SD36 - Surrey Peter Johnston Surrey Connect DL   free*
SD37 - Delta Ted Johnson Delta Access
Home Quest
moodle.deltalearns.ca free*
SD38 - Richmond Bert Wiens Continuing Ed. moodle.sd38.bc.ca
SD39 - Vancouver Jim Rutley Learning Network ae-moodle.vsb.bc.ca
SD40 - New Westminster Jim Kemp Island Discovery   free*
SD41 - Burnaby Effie Adland Burnaby Online free*
SD42 - Maple Ridge Jeff Curwen Connected Learning clconline.sd42.ca
SD43 - Coquitlam David Truss COL 10-12
Encompass (K-9)
sd43.knowplace.ca free*
SD44 - North Vancouver Joanne Robertson NVDLS sd44.knowplace.ca free*
SD45 - West Vancouver West Van Online  
SD46 - Sunshine Coast Barbara Evans SPIDER sd46online.ca free*
SD47 - Powell River Stephanie Hall PIE, Brook S www.sd47.bc.ca/school/pie 
SD48 - Sea to Sky Brayden Gordon Sea To Sky Online sd48.knowplace.ca
SD49 - Central Coast Jeremy Baillie SOSDL  
SD50 - Haida Gwaii Deavlan Bradley QCSS moodle.sd50.bc.ca
SD51 - Boundary Shawn Lockhart sd51.knowplace.ca
SD52 - Prince Rupert Andrew Samoil moodle01.sd52.bc.ca
SD53 - OK Similkameen Miles Derksen YouLearn.ca moodle53.sd53.bc.ca free*
SD54 - Bulkley Valley Kirsten Froese Education Connection moodle.sd54.bc.ca free*
SD57 - Prince George Ken MacGillivary CIDES moodle.sd57.bc.ca
SD58 - Nicola-Similkameen Karen Goetz SCIDES scides.knowplace.ca free*
SD59 - Peace River South Josh Kurjata SPDLS moodle.spdls.sd59.bc.ca
SD60 - Peace River North Norbert Kaspar NBCDES courses.learn60.ca free*
SD61 - Greater Victoria Leah Moreau theLink https://moodle31.sd61.bc.ca free*
SD62 - Sooke Wayne Kelly JDFDL moodle.sd62.bc.ca free*
SD63 - Saanich Karen Flello SIDES sides.ca free*
SD64 - Gulf Islands  
SD67 - Okanagan Skaha Allan Beckingham Connect ED cedmoodle.sd67.bc.ca
SD68 - Nanaimo-Ladysmith Patrick Young Island ConnectEd k-12   free*
SD69 - Qualicum Don Bold CEAP cmoodle.sd69.bc.ca
SD70 - Alberni Sean Petersen CHOICES online.sd70.knowplace.ca
SD71 - Comox Valley Marike Holtkamp NIDES moodle.sd71.bc.ca free*
SD72 - Campbell River Kai Taylor 72Ways2Learn sd72.knowplace.ca
SD73 - Kamloops/Thompson Paul Hembling @KOOL courses.kool.sd73.bc.ca free*
SD74 - Gold Trail Colleen Minnabarriet Gold Trail DL moodle.sd74.bc.ca
SD75 - Mission Lynn Cummings Summit Learning Centre sd75.knowplace.ca
SD78 - Fraser-Cascade Jacob Cowen Two Rivers Centre moodle.sd78.bc.ca
SD79 - Cowichan Valley Colleen Mullen (Scott Jackson) CVDL moodle.sd79.bc.ca free*
SD81 - Fort Nelson  
SD82 - Coast Mountains Geoffery McKay NCDES moodle.ncdes.ca free*
SD83 - North OK-Shuswap Rob MacAulay Education Outreach   free*
SD84 - Vancouver Island West Deane Johnson  app.viw.sd84.bc.ca/moodle/
SD85 - Vancouver Island North
SD87 - Stikine Tim Bradley Distance Ed sd87.bc.ca/moodle/
SD91 - Nechako Lakes Brian Naka Ebus Academy my.ebus.ca free*
SD92 - Nisga'a Joe Rhodes Gansiwilaaks DL  
SD93 - CS Francophone Aurelie Izquierdo Ecole Virtuelle  
Yukon Territory David McInnes YesNet yesnet.knowplace.ca
SD18-Black Gold Regional Terri Reid Learn Everywhere moodle.blackgold.ca
SD26-Palliser Division Alison Hancox Beyond Borders moodle.prs26.ca
SD41-Rocky View Division Dirk Meyer RSV Blended/Online moodle.rockyview.ab.ca
SD73-Chinook's Edge Daryl Brown Career High-School moodle.cesd73.ca
SD76 - Peace Wapiti Kate Thon PAVE paveonline.pwsd76.ab.ca

* offering free testing services for other BC DL programs.

District Member Contributions

As a group, we divide development costs and skills among all WCLN members. Suddenly $5000/yr in resource investment is worth $200,000/yr and serious evolution of resources is accomplished. Also, teachers now collaborate, expanding their opportunities and potential. Another network benefit is the ability to represent 40+ districts to vendors, allowing WCLN members some great cost-cutting partnership deals.

Basic Membership:

  • $3500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 0 - 150 (0-1200 student course accesses)
  • $4500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 151 - 300 (1201-2400 student courses accesses)
  • $5500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 301 - 450 (2401-3600 student courses accesses)
  • $6500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 451 - 600 (3601-4800 student courses accesses)
  • $7500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 601 - 750 (4801-6000 student courses accesses)
  • $8500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 751 - 900 (6001-7200 student courses accesses)
  • $9500 for members with an annual expected student FTE of 901+  ( 7200+ student courses accesses)

Basic membership entitles a program to:

  • Access to all WCLN Development for your local Distance Learning and Blended Learning programs
  • Access to OSBC materials and courses based on OSBC material for your local Distance Learning and Blended Learning programs
  • Inclusion into Discussion area for Teacher Feedback and Interaction
  • Access to the Partnership Deals for cutting costs.

Expectations of WCLN member programs:

  • Involvement in the shared development strategies.
  • Involvement in the building of the virtual teaching community.
  • WCLN graphic on site and redirection for students that you can't serve locally.
  • Updates to member information on site.
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