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eDynamic Learning courses are now available to BCLN member districts and schools!

BLCN has negotiated with eDynamic Learning to receive a special discounted price for BLCN member districts and schools:

  • $67.50 per student activation (school provides teacher).
  • You can offer any or all courses and only pay for active students.
  • Call 877-585-2029 for details.

eDynamic Learning is a leading online career and elective course curriculum provider. eDynamic  Learning began five years ago when Kevin Viau, a high school teacher with the Calgary Board of Education, frustrated by the lack of quality online career and elective courses available to high schools, decided he could offer better options.

 In five years, eDynamic Learning has grown to become an industry recognized specialty curriculum provider, delivering a selection of over 50 courses (as of August 2014), to schools across North America.

 eDynamic Learning is passionate about providing students with access to exciting and engaging subjects that are not available in many traditional high school settings. Our most popular high school course topics include Forensic Science, Gothic Literature and Culinary Arts.

 Some sample course titles below – see www.edynamiclearning.com for full catalog:

  forensic culinary psychology  entrepreneurship


Why Choose eDynamic Learning?

Hassle-free LMS Integration

Don’t worry. Our courses are compatible with your current learning management system. We ensure that each course is 100 percent compatible with every LMS available. If you are not currently using a learning management system, we will provide one.

Increase Student Enrollments

Our 50+ career and elective course options help you reach out to more students. Our low delivery costs allow you to offer current, interesting, flexible classes that will retain current students and attract new students looking for something different—without having to invest in new infrastructure.

 Flexible Teacher Implementation

Each course includes a detailed teacher guide and free access to our support team for any questions that arise. As a teacher-founded company, we know the importance of easy-to-use teacher guides that allow for more meaningful student-teacher interactions.

Engage Students

You will be able to offer courses that engage your students in meaningful ways and improve their educational experience within your school program. Our courses offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience, engage socially and intellectually, and achieve academic excellence.

BC Course Matches (new draft curriculum):

eDynamic Learning Course Name Corresponding BC Course Name Comparison
World Religions SS12 - Comparative World Religions link
Philosophy SS12 - Philosophy link
Social Problems
Digital Photography I

Those Requiring Board Approval:

  • Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries
  • Anthropology II: More Human Mysteries Uncovered
  • Archaeology: Detectives of the Past
  • Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
  • Art in World Cultures
  • Careers in Criminal Justice
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Forensic Sciece I: Secrets of the Dead
  • Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead
  • Gothic Literature: Monster Stories
  • Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation
  • Health Sciences: The Whole Individual
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Introduction to Social Media: Our Connected World
  • Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light
  • Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
  • Mythology and Folklore: Legendary Tales
  • Peer Counseling
  • Personal & Family Finance
  • Personal Psychology I: The Road to Self-Discovery
  • Personal Psychology II: Living in a complex world
  • Philosophy: The Big Picture
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Problems I: A world in Crisis
  • Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges
  • Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships
  • Sociology II: Your Social Life
  • Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals
  • World Religions: Exploring Diversity
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