Canvas Users

Some members have chosen to use Canvas as their LMS (vs. Moodle).

At this point in time, moving WCLN courses to Canvas involves a bit of work.   Here are some of the steps involved:

Configuring LTI:

You'll need to configure LTI on your site or in course (consumer key and shared secret are emailed from Francine in a Welcome Letter).

One App for LTI Books

LTI - Book

and one for LTI Pages:

LTI - Page

NOTE:  For the LTI adjustments below, Canvas now has a script that will do all these conversions for you.   Talk to Canvas about saving some time with these changes.

Adding LTI Books:

Explanation:  Canvas supports LTI in the same way that Moodle does, except for the fact that it stores the custom parameter (ID) differently.    In Moodle, there's a custom parameter feature built-in to the individual LTI configuration, while in Canvas, it has to be attached to the URL.   Perhaps Canvas will write a script to adjust this minor difference while importing Moodle backups some day.   In the mean time, here's what you do:

In the URL for an LTI Book item, you would put:

In the URL for an LTI Page item you would put:

Where the id (eg. 1072 as above) is entered to match the id as identified in the parameter area of Moodle.

Where do I find the ID?

It can be found in the backup files or if you restore the course in Moodle, can be found by:

    • turn editing on
    • beside "Book/LG...etc" click "Edit" > "Edit Settings"
    • under "General" click "Show more...."
    • under "Custom parameters" you'll see the id

Last modified: Friday, 5 June 2020, 11:41 AM