Blended Learning (BL)

Although WCLN was originally developed to support DL programs, WCLN resources are proving invaluable to the growth of BL (Blended Learning) initiatives.

WCLN member programs have built some very cool Blended Learning opportunities using WCLN online resources.  Some are classroom-based, but have aspects more common to a DL program.  Some are DL-based, but have aspects more common to a traditional classroom.

They ALL fit into the category of "Blended-Learning" and students are benefiting from these creative and flexible "blends" of learning opportunities. 

Let us know if you have a program that should be on the list below.  The best way for us all to improve is to share our innovations and experiences.

SAIL Academy in Surrey

for more info, see:

Flipped Classroom in Kelowna

for more info, see:

Inquiry Hub in Coquitlam

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Blended Model in Rossland

for more info, see

Blended Model interpretation.

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