Content Connections

WCLN members have a pricing agreement with Content Connections which gives them access to math resources for a reduced (consortium pricing) annual fee.  Members now also have greater flexibility in that they can buy a package that gives them access to all of the Senior Math courses within the login amount they purchase.   District Wide Licensing (DWL) with the WCLN pricing can be aggregated through the local DL program.  The WCLN versions of these CC courses include direct links within Moodle (no double-authentication). Also, some of the WCLN versions have additional question databases and media resources.  You deal directly with Content Connections with any questions – or for the purchase of these courses.  Your contact is Brad McArthur ( or 1-778-928-1709.

CC Courses
Math 09
Math 10, AW
Math 10, FPC
Math 11, AW
Math 11, FOM
Math 11, PC
Math 12, PC
Math 12, FOM

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