WIRIS to MathML Conversion (OLD PAGE)

Preparing Courses for Release

WCLN developers use WIRIS to build equations into many Math and Science courses (in both lessons and exams).   When we save a WIRIS equation, it doesn't save as a perfectly clean "MathML."   Thus, members using these courses would find themselves needing to license WIRIS to see these equations.   Certainly, some members will wish to license WIRIS to allow their students and/or teachers to use the editor, but some may just want to see the equations and not purchase a license.

WIRIS promises that they are working on this (their equations automatically converting to clean MathML), but (in the mean time) we've built a script that converts every WIRIS equation in a course into clean MathML.   We run this script on all of our Math/Science courses prior to release so members can see the equations using a free filter if they wish.   See the partners areas for member options and set-up details.

Instructions for running the script:

  • move .mbz file(s) into /course_backups_to_convert
  • run script through browser.
  • when it shows "done" all the files are in /converted


Old Developer notes:

Last modified: Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 9:34 AM