2019 Summer Update Plans

The table below outlines the WCLN development that we plan to have completed this summer.

Preparation notes:

  • Aug 1-15th = release period for 2019 courses.
  • Courses will be released as Moodle version 3.6.2+ (Build: 20190118).  Suggest an update to at least this version.
  • Like last year, if you wish to use WIRIS for students showing work, your district will need to license WIRIS.
  • For simply seeing the equations in the database, no WIRIS license is required.
  • If you wish your courses to have the Grid format on your site, ensure you have the grid plugin installed BEFORE restoring the courses.
  • Make sure ALL of your teachers subscribe to the corresponding forums in the "Discussion area" so they keep up-to-date with any fixes or updates for their course(s).  It helps us ALL.

A HUGE thank you to all of your dedicated peers who are working hard to make all this happen for us:  Barb Boonstra, Nick Smith, Kari Daniels, Clint Surrey, Mike Richardson, Francis Tsen, Rollie Comeau, Darrol Colgur, Jodie Reeder, Bruce Merz, Billy Laurzon, Ed Seidel, Fiona Graham, Joe Jamison, Claire Thompson, Craig Simmons, Tami Nicholson, James Corkin, Margo Porro, Rachel Neufeld, Robert French, Thomas Diesch, Sophia Yu, Sean Roarty, Sandy Hoffmann, Lara Zalinko, Kelly Tjorhom, Pam Parenty, Jim Feldes, Riley Westbrook, Kyle Berthaudin, Cassandra Sawatzky, Derek Henderson, Colin Bernard, Brittany Miller, & Parsa Rajabi. 

SENIOR (Grades 10-12) Updates

Course 2019 Releases  (ALL NEW CURRICULUM)
ELA 10 5 x 2-credit.  Major updates
ELA 11 4 credit, options within.   Major updates.
ELA 12 4 credit, options within.   Major updates.
Science 10 Minor updates - see discussion forum.  New projects.
Earth Science 11 Minor updates - see discussion forum.  New projects.
Biology 11 Major updates (clean-ups).  Increased database.
Biology 12 Major updates (8 units).  Big reorganization.
Chemistry 11 Major updates - see discussion forum.  New projects.
Chemistry 12 Major updates - see discussion forum.  New projects.
Physics 11 Major updates - new units.   Reorganized.
Physics 12 Major updates - new units.   Reorganized.
Science for Cit 11 Minor updates.  Fixes.
CC W Math 10 Minor updates.  Expanded database.
CC W Math 11 tbd.  Update will arrive here when determined.
CC FPC Math 10 Minor updates.   Expanded database.
CC F Math 11 tbd.  Update will arrive here when determined.
CC PC Math 11 Major updates (unit 6 is live).  Expanded database.
CC PC Math 12 Minor updates.  Fixes.
F Math 12 tbd.  Update will arrive here when determined.
SF Calculus 12 Minor updates.
Social Studies 10 Minor updates.
Social Studies 11 Major updates - New Explorations course.
SS12: World History Minor updates - used as SS12 now.
SS12: BC First Peoples Minor updates.
SS12: Law Studies Major updates. 
SS12: Phys Geog New course. 
SS12: Social Justice New course.
Physical Ed. 10 Minor updates.  Fixes.
Career Life Ed. Minor updates.  Fixes.  Keys.
Career Life Connect. Minor updates.  Fixes.  Keys.
CLE - French  New course.  French version of CLE.
Digital Photo 12 Minor updates.  Little fixes.
Family Studies 11 Minor Updates.  Fixes.  New MoE name.
Family Studies 12 Major Updates. New course.   New MoE name.
Food & Nutrition 11 Minor Updates.   Fixes
Food & Nutrition 12 Minor Updates.   Fixes.
LF Math 60 Major Updates - new course.
LF Math 70 Major Updates - new course.
LF Eng 5 Major Updates. Clean-up.
LF Eng 7 Major Updates. Clean-up.

Grades 5-9 - New Curriculum

Course 2019 Releases (ALL NEW CURRICULUM)
English 5-9 Updates for all.  Major updates for ELA 6 and 8.
Math 5-9 All new courses!  Games, videos, projects.
Science 5-9 Minor updates for all.   Additional projects.
Socials 5-9 Minor updates for all.  Keys.
PHE5-9 Minor updates for all.

Alberta Specific

Course 2019 Releases (CURRENT AB CURRICULUM)
Physics 20 Major updates.
Science 9 New course.
ELA7/8 BC / AB alignment project.
Math 9 Major Updates
Math 10-C CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 10-3 CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 20-1 CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 20-2 CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 20-3 CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 30-1 CC.  Wiris conversion.
Math 30-2 CC.  Wiris conversion.
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