Student Registration

Book: Student Registration
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Date: Sunday, 24 January 2021, 12:15 AM

Registration Page

The student registration page can be found at, ie. if your site is, the registration page is at

The opening page looks like this - all required fields will be outlined in red. Currently only middle name and province are not required. Any number of additional phone numbers can be added. Based on some of the input on this page, the pages following may be different.

student registration 1

Age 18 or less

Students under the age of 19 will need to enter the name and email address of their parent/guardian and will need to select their current grade.

student registration 2

NOTE: The information entered as parent/guardian will be flagged as their primary contact in their user information. When emailing students, there is an option to include primary contacts as well.

student registration 7

Age 19 and over

Students 19 and over will not select their grade but will select whether they are graduated or ungraduated. They are also asked to provide their legal name in highschool (not required).

student registration 3

First Nations Ancestry

Students who indicate they have First Nations Ancestry will be asked to indicate their status. If they select Status - On Reserve, they will also be required to indicate their band name.

student registration 4

Selecting Courses

Students in Grade 10 and above can then select courses from a list. These are the courses that have the status listed as Open in the course set up page. Students in Grade 9 or below will not have the opportunity to select courses at this time.

student registration 5


If the school has set up custom confirmation statements the students will have to agree to them. These are set up in the Admin area. If there are no custom statements the following will be displayed:

student registration 6