Report Cards

Mailing Report Card Notices

The SMS has a report card feature built-in.   This can be used as a progress report for parents (24/7 access) and/or for formal report cards.

FAQ:   We often get the request that the SMS should mail out these report cards.   We've talked with the MoE lawyers and it was made very clear that we shouldn't build a system that emails something as personal as an official report card.   Access to the same info in a Parent Portal (with a DOB and PEN) is perfectly fine, but not email.

Here are two common ways that DL programs deal with report cards:

  1. Have the teachers put their report card data (WH and comments) into the SMS, then send out a note to all parents telling that they can access the report cards through the parent portal.   Good to explain how to access PEN numbers from previous report cards to save your secretary from a pile of calls.
  2. Have the teachers do the report cards in MyEdBC.  This is popular with local schools and parents as it puts all the students' reporting data in one place for easy reference.   For asynchronous programs, you'd usually skip the grade area and populate the WH and comment fields.   The standard comments might look like this:

Online Course through ************
Portion of Course Completed = **%
Current grade in Course = **%
See the Parent Portal on the **************** site for 24/7 updates.
If parents want a weekly "Progress Report" send your email address to the teacher.
********personal comment**************