Linking to MyEdBC

Book: Linking to MyEdBC
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Date: Friday, 1 July 2022, 3:35 PM

Link to MyEdBC

After you have verified the student's ID (Birth Cert, Care Care,etc) you can link to a profile in MyEdBC.

The link will be on the main screen as an action button:

link 1

The link will also show up on the student's profile page, beside their name as a link icon, and with the blue action button below the profile.

link 2

Select the arrow button on the right, or the Table of Contents, to go to the next screen.

Linking the Student

There will be a list of students from your MyEdBC database that most closely matches the student. You can also use the search function.


Best Match

Once you determine the best match, select the student. A green check appears and you can now save.


When a match is verified the following information is sync'ed from MyEdBC.   Thus, all future edits of information will be made in MyEdBC.

Click for a full list of what is included in sync.

New Student

If the student is new to your district, or for some reason not in your MyEdBC database, you'll need to add them to your MyEdBC database.