Registering and Enrolling Students

Book: Registering and Enrolling Students
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Date: Thursday, 23 March 2023, 6:39 AM

New Registration

After a student submits an online registration they will show up in the list of New Registrations and their status is requested:

new registration

Select the arrow button on the right, or the Table of Contents, to go to the next screen.

Tasks for New Registration

The new registration will first require the ID to be verified.

new reg

If you attempt to 'enrol' the student you will be required to verify the id first.

verifyid 3

You can also 'delete' the course from the student account at this time. Each action button will open a new window.

verifyid 2

Verify ID

Click the Verify ID button, select the appropriate ID and click Add ID.

verify id

Enrol in Course

Once the ID is verified, they can then be enrolled in the Moodle course they have requested.


Enrol in a Different Course

If the student needs to be enrolled in another course, select the addbutton and search for the course. The 'Enrol' button is at the bottom of the list of courses.

add course

Manually Register

A student can also be enrolled manually. Select the "New Student" button.

manual registration

You can then add the student's information:

manual registration 2

Print or View Registration

At any point, the registration form may be viewed or printed:

print registration

A pdf is generated:

registration form

Send an Email Message

You can also send the student an email message at any time.

compose message

A new window will open:

compose message 2

More than one student can be selected at a time, in order to send the same message to multiple students. The email can also be sent to the 'primary contacts'. This designation is set in the student's contact information.